Accounting and Assessment Task Force


To explore the development and implementation of protocols and procedures that can systematically account for the number of public engagement project activities, levels of participation, and overall impacts of activities on students, faculty, staff, the community, and the institution.


Each year, the University receives many requests for information about the number of students and faculty involved in the community, the number of public engagement projects taking place in certain communities or on particular issues, and data on the impact that our public engagement initiatives are having on students, the faculty, and the community. While there are several efforts underway in various units to account for public engagement involvement and impact, these efforts are not coordinated with each other and are not applied on a University-wide basis. A systematic approach to accounting and assessment of public engagement can help ensure that we strategically apply our limited resources in ways that can maximize engagement opportunities for all participants.


  • Dick Senese, Associate Dean for Community Vitality, Extension
  • Laurel Hirt, Service-Learning Director, Career and Community
    Learning Center


Accounting and Assessment Task Force Final Report (2009)