Faculty Scholarship, Development, and Rewards Task Force


To articulate a set of institutional policies and practices that will enhance faculty members’ capacity to participate in engagement initiatives and will support their engaged research and teaching.


An engaged institution is one that encourages faculty to use community engagement as a means to produce significant research that advances the discipline while addressing real and complex issues in the community. An engaged institution also provides students with opportunities to participate in community-based learning experiences that enhance their academic, personal, vocational, and civic learning and development. Policies and structures that support faculty-engaged work need to be in place in order for public engagement to become fully institutionalized at the University. While the University has many examples of policies, practices, and structures that support and reward faculty engagement work (e.g., recent revisions to the University’s promotion and tenure guideline), faculty engaged scholarship remains largely a marginalized practice.


  • Greg Lindsey, Professor and Associate Dean, Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs
  • Cathy Jordan, Associate Professor, Pediatrics and Director, Children, Youth, and Family Consortium


Faculty Scholarship, Development, and Rewards Task Force Final Report (2009)