4. Community Connections

Secure mutually beneficial partnerships between the University 
and business/industry, non-profits, educational institutions, and 
governmental agencies at the local, regional, state, national, and global 
  1. Strengthen the University’s reputation as a visible, reliable, and present body in addressing the most pressing immediate and long-term public needs; 
  2. Continue dialogue and discussions with the community to assess needs and issues concerning the University;
  3. Engage community members in key decision-making boards and review committees pertaining to the establishment of engagement policies and programs; 
  4. Participate in and give support to community-sponsored events and activities; 
  5. Develop and formalize short- and long-range plans and action steps for securing community enhancement and development;
  6. Network existing community programs to encourage greater collaboration, sharing of resources, and leveraging of organizational capacities through the cultivation of Engagement Zones.