2. Accounting and Assessment

Establish a set of systems for accounting and assessing the broad range 
of engagement activities, programs, and initiatives across the University. 
  1. Identify and review current approaches that units, departments, and programs are using to assess the scale and scope of their engagement initiatives; 
  2. Identify areas where engagement data can be aggregated across programs and units; 
  3. Work with the Office for Institutional Research and other appropriate units to identify places in which engagement survey items can be inserted into existing questionnaires and data collection processes; 
  4. Mine existing institutional data to document the impacts of engagement and identify gaps in knowledge;
  5. Establish an agenda for measuring specific longitudinal impacts and trend outcomes of engagement as they pertain to students, faculty, the community, departments, and the University;
  6. Work with national organizations and networks to identify, revise, and test benchmarking tools for engagement institutionalization; 
  7. Create a repository of instruments that can enhance units’ abilities to measure the impacts of engagement;
  8. Disseminate findings about engagement participation and outcomes to a variety of audiences in ways that are useful.