Table 7. Skills for Engaged Teaching

Engaged Teaching

  • Talk to students about service-learning and other community-based learning
  • Be aware of community opportunities available to students
  • Understand what your students are able to contribute
  • Prepare students for multicultural engagement
  • Develop syllabi for service-learning and other community-based and experiential courses
  • Develop appropriate assignments for experiential learning
  • Develop appropriate assessments for experiential learning
  • Structure and facilitate reflective sessions
  • Respond to student reflections, and integrate academic content
  • Hold students accountable for their community work
  • Integrate classroom and community learning experiences
  • Integrate skill development into understanding of larger social issues
  • Pull learning out of “bad” experiences
  • Grant students credit for community work in creative ways



Resources for Engaged Teaching:

  1. Community Service Learning Center
  2. Center for Teaching and Learning


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