Public Engagement Metrics Committee


The Public Engagement Metrics Committee was charged with establishing the University's metrics priorities for community-engaged initiatives.  The Committee was to develop a prioritized, phased plan for instituting a comphrensive metrics system for public engagement, align public engagement initiatives with strategic goals of the University's overarching metrics framework, connect public engagement metrics to relevant data collection and measurement systems facilitated by other units and entities both within and external to the University, and build a long-term strategy for assessing the impact of public engagement on students, faculty, staff, collegiate units, and the external community.


The University of Minnesota has underway a broad-based effort to establish system-wide metrics for assessing progress and impact of the University's research, teaching, and outreach programs.  The development of these systemwide metrics is part of a comprehensive strategic planning effort.  Colleges and units are increasingly being called upon to provide data and information on the scale, scope, and impact of the University's public engagement activities.  Community leaders and community residents, legislators, funders, and others want to know where we are in their communities, what we are doing, and what the impacts are both for the community and for the University.   


Public Engagement Metrics Committee Phase I Final Report (2012)