• The University's Acara Challenge is an annual competition to fund students that are developing solutions to address social and/or environmental challenges.

  • University of Minnesota Extension’s Women in Agriculture Network supports the state's growing number of female farmers.

  • A community-inspired partnership between the University and the National Loon Foundation aims to boost the Crosslake Chain of Lake’s economy, while honoring some of Minnesota’s most recognizable natural residents.

  • University students and instructors are bringing Latinx culture into area high schools with the Voc/zes podcast.

  • University of Minnesota Rochester student Mohamed Addani is passionate about introducing Somali youth to opportunities that provide inspiration for meaningful careers.

  • The University of Minnesota Duluth’s Natural Resources Research Institute is helping to train workers in deconstruction to save valuable building materials.

  • College of Liberal Arts student Samira Ahmed has spent a large part of her undergraduate career promoting service-learning and community engagement.

  • Community-based learning provides welcome competition for Carlson School students.