• College of Pharmacy Assistant Professor Oscar Garza's engaged scholarship addresses critical health inequities.

  • The Minnesota Food Charter Network is building statewide support for healthy, safe, and affordable food.

  • University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences (CBS) sophomore Gemechu Mekonnen is passionate about the relationship between academics and civic engagement.  

  • Deep Winter Greenhouse technology and community partnerships are paving the way for more Minnesota-grown produce in winter.

  • University of Minnesota student Raven Ziegler’s heritage is inspiration for her work at the University and beyond.

  • The award-winning “Morris Model” promotes clean energy and community connections on a local and international level.

  • Katie Johnston-Goodstar and a team of youth researchers are working to understand how school climate may be negatively affecting Native American kids.

  • The University's Humanitarian Crisis Simulation course aims to build knowledge in the field of humanitarian aid through immersive experience.