Engagement Zones

Engagement Zones are built on the premise that community priorities can be more effectively addressed when the work of community-University projects are aligned, coordinated, and mutually supportive.  Specifically, the Engagement Zones aims to develop strategies for advancing the coordination of partnerships with the goal of strengthening community-University projects operating within a particular neighborhood or region and demonstrating the collective impact of community-University partnerships in these specific geographic areas.


North Minneapolis Engagement Zone

The North Minneapolis Engagement Zone includes the Minneapolis neighborhoods of Near North and Camden, collectively known as north Minneapolis or the "Northside." The North Minneapolis Enagement Zone seeks to build upon and expand the function and reach of the Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center's (UROC) Community Affairs Committee (CAC). This body was a pillar of the University Northside Partnership and was also central to the early planning and formation of UROC. It is part of UROC’s commitment to community connection, transparency and shared visioning. This Engagement Zone seeks to expand CAC's coordination function for greater alignment of University-community work, not only at UROC, but across North Minneapolis.

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University District Engagement Zone

The University District Engagement Zone includes neighborhoods and commercial communities adjacent to the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis: Cedar-Riverside/West Bank, Marcy-Holmes, Dinkytown, Prospect Park, Stadium Village, and Southeast Como. The University District Engagment Zone aims to develop strategies with the goal of strengthening community-University relationships and offering systematic ways for community members, students, faculty, and staff to access and share information. 

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To learn more about Engagement Zones, email Merrie Benasutti, Coordinator for Community Partnerships.