Office for Student Engagement

The mission of the Office for Student Engagement is to support the development of a strengths-based undergraduate experience for students while advancing and promoting the breadth and depth of engagement opportunities on and off-campus and increasing the number of students involved in these opportunities. The Office for Student Engagement serves as a conduit to promote engagement related activities to undergraduate students in the areas of research, volunteering, student employment, internships, campus leadership and involvement, learning abroad and away, and student organizations. These opportunities are at the local, state, national and international levels and come from both on-campus partners as well as community partners.

Diversity & Inclusion
Education (including Equity, Access, & Student Success)
Environment/Environmental Justice/Sustainability
GLBT & Identities
Poverty (including hunger)
Public Policy
Campus and College: 
Twin Cities
Type of Engagement: 
Public Service or Outreach