River Life

The University of Minnesota is a world-class comprehensive teaching and research university located in a National Park—the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area—overlooking one of the great rivers of the world. Yet the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities is a landscape that is both widely loved and highly stressed. River Life works to understand the ways we stress the river, how we have expressed our love for it, and what we can do to safeguard its future. Taking strategic advantage of our location along one of the great rivers of the world, we seek to create learning, research, and engagement opportunities that will help establish inclusive and sustainable rivers. We work with faculty and students in a variety of colleges and programs, and with community partners (primarily, though not exclusively, public agencies). Our work tends to take the form of digital knowledge platforms that allow for broader information sharing, public programs, and collaboration with others on classes and student research programs
Environment/Environmental Justice/Sustainability
Mississippi River
Campus and College: 
Twin Cities
Type of Engagement: 
Public Service or Outreach