3. Student Experiences and Development

Institute strategies that promote a robust range of community 
engagement experiences that are academically integrated and 
incorporate high quality practices.
  1. Support the development of programs that facilitate students’ abilities to participate in increasingly advanced engagement opportunities that build on their prior experiences; 
  2. Offer engagement merit scholarships to students who exhibit extraordinary civic leadership or potential for marked growth through community engagement; 
  3. Develop a set of opportunities across disciplines for students at all levels to have educational experiences in environments that are different from their own as a means to build their competence as global citizens and leaders;
  4. Cultivate and garner support for more courses that build students’ capacities to conduct community-based research and research in the public interest;
  5. Develop a University-wide strategy or initiative that makes engagement an important part of every student’s educational experience; 
  6. Cultivate and garner support for more discipline-based service-learning courses.