1. Scholarly Value of Engagement

Develop, support, and implement strategic initiatives that raise the 
status and legitimacy of engaged scholarship in ways that advance the 
University of Minnesota as a top research university. 
  1. Develop a status report of the level of engaged scholarship across the disciplines; 
  2. Expand opportunities for faculty and academic leaders to maximize their capacity for engaged scholarship.
  3. Create a series of departmental institutes that engage departmental teams in the development of strategic plans for infusing engaged teaching and the scholarship of engagement into the overall goals and practice of the discipline; 
  4. Develop a webpage that lists various disciplines’ engaged scholarship criteria, paradigms, and expectations; 
  5. Establish University awards that honor outstanding engaged scholarship; 
  6. Develop a University policy and system for nominating University personnel for internal and external engagement awards; 
  7. Work with deans, department chairs, and personnel review committees in developing clarity, expectations, and criteria for engaged scholarship, as it pertains to the current faculty promotion and review guidelines; 
  8. Recruit outstanding engaged scholars at the University to serve as spokespersons for engagement and to demonstrate different ways of developing an engaged scholarly agenda; 
  9. Develop criteria for reviewing and optimizing the quality of service-learning courses, internships, clinical practice, and other community-involved educational experiences.