Guidelines for Issue Review Submissions

The Public Engagement Council (PEC) serves as the University’s consultative body for issues pertaining to the University’s public engagement agenda.

Any individual or group officially affiliated with the University of Minnesota may submit Issue Review documents to PEC.

Please note that the Council will consider only those proposals or requests that focus on public engagement-related issues that have campuswide or systemwide implications. You are strongly encouraged to consult with the Office for Public Engagement prior to completing or submitting your form to determine whether or not the issue you wish to put forth is appropriate for the Council’s agenda.

For more information about PEC, please visit the main PEC page.

Send in your Issue Review Submission through our Issue Review Submission Web form.

We strongly encourage you to review the guidelines below. These guidelines can be downloaded for you reference as you prepare your submission.

Items and information you should prepare before starting the Issue Review Submission process

  1. Contact information (for the primary contact): Name, department/unit/organization, phone number, email address, mailing address
  2. Working title of issue: Select a short title that describes the issue (this will be used for administrative management purposes only)
  3. Abstract: A brief summary (approximately 250 words) that presents the essence of the core issue and any related issues. If appropriate, include statements about any recommendations or proposed action steps, as well as any deadlines or other time issues that the Council needs to consider.
  4. Narrative submission: A Word, PDF, or RTF document to be uploaded that contains a clear and concise narrative of the issue to be addressed. The narrative should include answers to as many of the following questions as appropriate:
    • What is the issue or general area of concern?
    • Why is this issue important? What are some actual examples that illustrate the importance of the issues and the broader area of concern?
    • What are implications of this issue for advancing and institutionalizing high quality public engagement activities or initiatives?
    • What are some of the underlying issues within the general area of concern that need to be considered, reviewed, or addressed by the Public Engagement Council?
    • Whom does the issue affect most?
    • What solutions, approaches, recommendations, or ideas (if any) might you offer to address the issue?
    • In what ways does this issue hinder/advance the University and its priorities?
    • What are particular steps or actions that the Public Engagement Council should consider in addressing this issue?
    • What other related issues, policies, or resources should the Public Engagement Council take into account as it reviews and addresses this issue.
  5. Supporting documents (optional): Provide any available documentation, evidence, and other supporting materials that help explain the primary issue and any underlying or related issues more fully. Word documents, PDF versions of scanned materials, and other digitized supporting materials, if any, can be uploaded directly on the website as part of the overall submission process.*

    Submission of supporting documents is not required, and should only be included if they provide additional information that would be helpful to the Council. The system can accept up to five different document files. If more documents need to be submitted, please call 612-624-8881.

* Copies of supporting materials that cannot be digitized can be sent via campus mail to:

Office for Public Engagement (attn. Andrew Furco)

110 Morrill Hall

100 Church Street SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455

Mail Code 0261C