Engaged Department Grant Program 2011-12 Recipients

Adult and Gerontological Health Cooperative

The Adult and Gerontological Health Cooperative is planning to establish a long-term collaborative partnership with Presbyterian Homes and Services to improve the health and health care delivery for older adults receiving home and community-based services. Using public engagement strategies, the Adult and Gerontological Health Cooperative will focus on two primary goals: 1) develop and sustain community-based learning experience for prelicensure and graduate nursing education (e.g., direct care; care coordination; evidence-based clinical improvement projects) and 2) develop a research protocol for studying nursing care issues such as urinary incontinence, fall prevention, cognitive impairment, or care transitions.

Team Members:

Beckie Conway, Executive Director of Creative Independence, Presbyterian Home and Services

Nancy Dierks, Learning and Development Specialist, Presbyterian Home and Services

Karen Dunlap, Clinical Assistant Professor

Joseph Gaugler, Associate Professor

Merrie Kaas, Associate Professor

Pat Kappas-Larson, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Advisor, Presbyterian Home and Services

Christopher Kemnitz, BSN-DNP Student

Sharon Klefsaas, Executive Director of Operations and Service Strategies, Presbyterian Home and Services

Mary Rowan, Clinical Professor

Dan Strittmaier, Specialist in Research and Special Projects, Presbyterian Home and Services

Kristine Talley, Assistant Professor

Wyman, Jean, Professor

Fang Yu, Assistant Professor

Mary Zaccagnini, Clinical Assistant Professor

African American and African Studies

The goal of the department of the African American and African Studies is to forge strong connections between the academy and the community. The Engaged Department grant will facilitate this goal by changing core courses and connecting the students to the service learning sites. The department is planning to infuse a service learning component into four core courses: “Black Worlds”, “Racial Formations”, “Oral History”, and “History of the Field”. The department is also planning to continue developing on-going relationship with the community partners, such as Community Action Patrick Henry High School. The department also plans to create public spaces and forums to discuss burning issues confronting African American communities in the Twin Cities.

Team Members:

Rose Brewer, Professor

Victoria Coifman, Assistant Professor

Walt Jacobs, Associate Professor

Keth Mayes, Associate Professor

Tade Okediji, Associate Professor

Yuichiro Onishi, Assistant Professor

John Wright, Professor

Extension, Twin Cities Campus

University of Minnesota Extension seeks to institutionalize service-learning opportunities within undergraduate courses by establishing partnerships between Extension’s centers, academic units, and community partners. The Engaged Departments team will identify criteria for assessing potential service learning opportunities and develop agreements with academic departments for restructuring courses to align with community priorities. They intend to conduct comprehensive evaluations on each of the partnerships created as a result of their service-learning efforts.

Team Members:

Scott Chazdon, Research and Evaluation Coordinator

Jodi Dworkin, Family Development Specialist

Angie Gupta, Extension Educator

Mary Ann Hennen, Extension Program Leader

Diana Martenson, Organization and Program Development Specialist

Ryan Miller, Extension Educator

Dick Senese, Associate Dean of Community Vitality and Public Engagement

Jennifer Skuza, Director of Urban 4-H Programs

Political Science, Twin Cities Campus

The Department of Political Science plans to expand the incorporation of public engagement into its undergraduate curriculum. Through the Engaged Departments program the team plans to create a Citizenship and Mentorship Program which offers students intensive preparation for careers in public service through two department courses. The team will develop curricular materials for the courses which focus on preparing students for careers in public service. Students will explore potential career paths and work with a mentor as part of a fieldwork course.

Team Members:

Raymond Duvall, Professor and Department Chair

Rose Miskowiec, Undergraduate Advisor

Kathryn Sikkink, Professor

Paul Soper, Internship Director

Dara Strolovitch, Associate Professor

School Psychology and Center for Early Education and Development (CEED), Twin Cities Campus

The goal of the School Psychology and CEED Engaged Department team is to facilitate new initiatives that promote engaged scholarship on early childhood education. The team plans to create a semester-long issues seminar that focuses on current trends in early childhood for graduate students. They aim to develop community-university partnerships with early childhood sites to build capacities as a community-based training ground for students to test skills and contribute to research and practice links. Through the creation of a community-university advisory group, the team will identify opportunities for clarifying needs associated with early childhood community.

Team Members:

Karla Buerkle, Affiliate faculty member

Matt Burns, Professor

Sandra Christenson, Professor

Melissa Cooling-Chafin, Lecturer

Yvonne Godber, Research Associate

Anastasia Hansen, Lecturer

Amy Susman-Stillman, Co-Director of CEED

Women’s Studies, Duluth Campus

The Department of Women’s Studies aims to institutionalize public engagement by establishing a formally structured relationship between the Department and the community. The team aims to identify needs in the feminist community, gaps in the skills and knowledge of students, and strategies to meet the needs of both students and the community. The proposed work plan focuses on developing a course on activism and community organization in addition to further development of an internship program.

Team Members:

Beth Bartlett, Professor

Njoki Kamau, Associate Professor

Tineke Ritmeester, Associate Professor

Laura Stolle Schmidt, Department Staff

Joan Varney, Assistant Professor