Engaged Department Grant Program 2010-11 Recipients

Center on Aging/Gerontology Minor, Twin Cities

The gerontology graduate minor program builds the proposal upon the existing service-learning course, Geriatrics Service Learning that gives students an opportunity to complete at least 80 hours of self-selected, directed service learning in the community with older adults through established volunteer programs. With the help of the Engaged Department Grant the project team from the Center on Aging/Gerontology Minor is planning to develop and disseminate a new GERO course that would expand the existing service learning program and course work to multiple disciplines and students though the Gerontology minor and the post baccalaureate certificate in Aging Studies. Action Plan.

Team Members:

Edward Ratner, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine

Lois Cutler, Director of Graduate Studies, Gerontology Minor

Lisa Edstrom, Associate Director, Center on Aging

Yu Fang, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

CFANS Center for Student Engagement and Experiential Learning, Twin Cities

The project team from the CFANS Center for Student Engagement and Experiential Learning is planning to create extraordinary education experiences for CFANS students focusing on issues of healthy food supplies, preventing childhood obesity, and protecting the future of the Mississippi River. Through this program they will create a system for sustaining and leveraging existing partnerships and transferrable process for how the community and University faculty can partner effectively for mutually beneficial educational opportunities. Action Plan.

Team Members:

Jay Bell, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Mary Brakke Education Specialist, Agronomy and Plant Genetics

Jerry Combs USDA

Metric Giles, Afro-Eco Specialist, Agronomy and Plant Genetics

Craig Hassel Associate Professor, Food Science and Nutrition

Brenda Jacob Manager, General Mills

Seitu Jones Master Gardener, Afro-Eco

Kathy Kelly Teacher, Gordon Parks High School

Joe Lagarde White Earth tribal member

Allen Levine Dean, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

Karl Lorenz Director of Diversity

Len Marquart Associate Professor, Food Science

Steve McCurry Polycell

Caitrin Mullan Assistant to the Associate Dean

Sara Nagel Newberg, Director

Connie Tzenis, Teaching Consultant, center for Teaching and Learning

Michael White, Professor, Animal Science

Don Wyse, Professor, Agronomy and Plant Genetics

Design, Housing, and Apparel, Twin Cities

The project proposal of this Engaged Department focuses on involvement in the planning of and collaboration with the UMore Park. Through this grant, the Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel is planning to identify how to integrate a multi-member public engagement project effectively into the department as on-going research and teaching activities. To achieve this goal the team proposes to assess housing needs and desires at UMore Park, to assess how retail can be connected successfully with UMore Park, and to explore how identity is perceived and desired at UMore Park. Action Plan.

Team Members:

Marilyn Bruin, Associate Professor, Housing Studies

Sherri Gahring, Professor, Retail Merchandising

Kim Johnson, Professor, Retail Merchandising

Brenda Kayzar, Assistant Professor, Geography and Urban Studies

Hye-Young Kim, Assistant Professor, Retail Merchandising

Barbara Martinson, Associate Professor, Graphic Design

Becky Yust, Professor, Housing Studies

Education, Duluth

The Engaged Department Grant will support the creation of a Lincoln Park Family School initiative in order to meet the needs of families at risk. The proposed project is designed to expand and support departmental leadership opportunities in the Department of Education at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The anticipated result of this project will serve to enhance and support a civically minded department through leadership, outreach, curriculum development, and student leadership development through the UMD student branch of Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI). Action Plan.

Team Members:

Molly Minkkinen, Associate Professor

Annmarie Fellers, Student

Pam Rees, Director, Head Start

Kim Riordan, Associate Department Head

Cindy Ryan, Instructor

Jean Stevenson, Associate Professor

Callista Vetch, Student

Psychology, Twin Cities

Through this grant The Department of Psychology is planning to increase the visibility of the activities the department is engaged in and to increase the extent to which their students and faculty members are involved in public engagement. Action Plan.

Team Members:

Patricia Frazier, Professor

Samantha Anders Graduate Student

Thomas Brothen, Professor

Holly Hatch-Surisook, Undergraduate Advising Coordinator

Kayla Kelsey, Student

Mark Snyder, Professor

Moin Syed, Assistant Professor

Social Work, Twin Cities

Through the Engaged Department Grant the School of Social Work (SSW) is planning to develop a new Minnesota Social Work Institute on Community Based Participatory Research and Education to promote the use of community based participatory research methods in the SSW and the field of social work in general, as well as to help build the SSW’s capacity to better partner with the community to enhance the well-being of community members. Action Plan.

Team Members:

Liz Lightfoot, Associate Professor

Jennifer Blevins, Director, the Brian Coyle Center of the Pillsbury United Communities

David Hollister, Professor

Katie Johnston-Goodstar, Post-Doctoral Associate

Terry Lum, Associate Professor

Ross Velure Roholt,Assistant Professor