Engaged Department Grant Program 2009-10 Recipients

Department of Social Work, Duluth

The mission of this department’s project is to identify and address unmet needs in the community that could increase department-wide civic engagement among students and faculty. This project will serve as a learning platform for students while collaborating with St. Louis County and other social services and community groups.

Team Members

Lynn Bye, Professor

Evie Campbell, Assistant Professor

Janet Haynes, Assistant Professor

Melanie Shepard, Professor


Department of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems, Twin Cities

This department is planning to advance the practice of pharmaceutical care and its role in the health care system for the benefit of patients and society throughout education, research, and service. The department will collaborate with leaders form health care organizations – large systems, safety-net organizations in small rural communities and diverse urban underserved communities, and state and national organizations committed to serving individuals with certain chronic illness.

Team Members

Bob Cipolle, Professor

Christina Cipolle, Clinical Pharmacist at Community-University Health Care Center

Eric Hung Pharmacy Resident

Chrystian Pereira, Assistant Professor

Linda Ridlehuber, Quality Improvement Specialist for the Minnesota Association of Community Health Centers

Todd Sorensen, Associate Professor

Charles Taylor, Senior Associate Dean

Department of English, Twin Cities

The Department of English seeks to develop an integrated curriculum around public engagement that will lead students from introductory to capstone courses, with extracurricular opportunities for teaching and mentoring. They also aim to strategically promote this integrated curriculum to attract increased participation from students, faculty, University departments, community partners, and funding sources.

Team Members

Beverly Atkinson, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies

Evelyn Ch’ien, Associate Professor

Eric Daigre, Lecturer

Maria Damon, Undergraduate Studies Director and Professor

Paula Rabinowitz, Department Chair and Professor

Geoffrey Sirc, Professor

Charles Sugnet, Associate Professor

Terri Sutton, Informational Representative

Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley, Assistant Professor

Michael Walsh, English Course Coordinator

Department of Music, Twin Cities

The Department of Music is planning to create model opportunities that demonstrate potential for community engagement, to enhance learning opportunities and research within the School of Music, and to foster a culture of community engagement and advancement of progressive urban engagement that serves as a model for other universities, arts organizations, and communities.

Team Members

Doug Geers, Associate Professor

Keitha Hamann, Associate Professor

Laura Krider, K-12 Outreach Coordinator; Student Services Assistant

Scott Lipscomb, Associate Professor

Jerry Luckhardt, Associate Professor

David Myers, Professor

Kathy Romey, Associate Professor

Wendy Zaro-Mullins, Associate Professor

Department of Epidemiology and Community Health, Twin Cities

The mission of this department is to develop an educational module and curriculum guide on Community Engaged scholarship for use by faculty and students in EpiCH, School of Public Health, the Academic Health Center, the University as a whole, and interested community partners. This educational module will prepare students for effective fieldwork with diverse communities nationally and globally and will help faculty to initiate their community engagement activities.

Team Members

Linda Harris, Graduate Student

Wendy Hellerstedt, Associate Professor

Julia Johnsen, Director of Outreach for the Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Health Program

Michelle Parke, Graduate Student

Joan Patterson, Associate Professor

Jamie Stang, Assistant Professor

Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning, Twin Cities

The Engaged Department Grant will enable PSTL to build on their strengths, to take a leadership role within CEHD and the larger university, and to create an undergraduate major entitled: Multicultural Community Engagement (MCE) and department that can become a national model for the engaged department.

Team Members

Heidi Barajas, Associate Professor

Linda Buturian, Senior Teaching Specialist

Kris Cory, Senior Teaching Specialist

Tabitha Grier, Assistant Professor

Barbara Hodne, Senior Teaching Specialist

Rashne Jehangir, Assistant Professor

Amy Lee, Associate Professor

Na'im Madyun, Assistant Professor

Bob Poch, Fellow

Sue Staats, Assistant Professor

Jill Trites, Senior Teaching Specialist

Environmental Studies program, Morris

This program aims to establish community engagement as a hallmark of the interdisciplinary major Environmental Studies at the University of Minnesota Morris. They are planning to integrate service-learning activities into their core introductory courses, infuse community engagement into student-faculty collaborative research efforts, and explore opportunities for further engagement in required capstone courses.

Team Members

Sheri Breen, Assistant Professor

David Fluegel, Community Program Specialist

Troy Goodnough, UMM Sustainability Coordinator

Arne Kildegaard, Associate Professor

Argie Manolis, UMM Coordinator of Service-Learning

Karen Mumford, Assistant Professor

Dorothy Rosemeier Executive Director of the West Central Regional Sustainable Development Partnership

Pete Wyckoff, Associate Professor