Department of Women’s Studies


The mission of the Department of Women's Studies is to engage in teaching, research, andservice activities devoted to examining the cultural, historical, social, political, and economic experiences and contributions of women of different races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions,classes, abilities, and sexual orientations in a global context; the many ways in which gender distinctions have affected human lives, as well as the construction and intersection of gender, race, and class; feminist scholarship; and critical and theoretical analyses and reflection upon these topics.

A wide variety of feminist perspectives and feminist criticisms are employed as methodologies in this interdisciplinary field. Academically, we seek to provide our students with a solid background in knowledge about gender, race, class, and sexual orientation issues; feminist analysis; critical thinking; and oral and written communication, and actively engage students in the generation of new knowledge and areas of inquiry.

We aim to prepare students for meaningful participation and contribution in an inclusive and diverse society, to be local, national, and global citizens, and to participate effectively and contribute meaningfully in a diverse workplace.

Finally, we intend to provide a nurturing environment for the whole person – to help each student find her or his own strengths, gifts, and path, as well as to raise awareness about the way that path concerns and connects with others in local and global contexts. 

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