University of Minnesota Public Engagement Action Plans

During the 2016-17 academic year, a 38-member work group, including faculty, students, and staff from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, recalibrated the Twin Cities’ public engagement agenda and developed a set of action steps based on nine core values for furthering the institutionalization of reciprocal, public engagement over the next five years.

The plan grew out of President Kaler’s endorsement of Campus Compact’s civic action plan declaration, strategic principles from the Twin Cities campus Driving Tomorrow ten-year strategic plan, and recommendations for advancing policy, infrastructure, and culture from attendees of the Office for Public Engagement’s system-wide conference, Meeting Grand Challenges through Community-Engaged Research and Teaching.

Using the University’s established, system-wide action plan for public engagement (Ten-Point Plan for Advancing and Institutionalizing Public Engagement, 2008) as a foundational document, the work group first reviewed information, goals, and recommendations contained in key institutional strategic planning and policy documents, and then worked to incorporate this information into an initial draft.

Throughout March 2017, the work group held public feedback sessions on the Twin Cities campus and in the community.  Based on feedback from those sessions, as well as input provided by Provost Hanson, the work group refined the draft and completed this final version of the action plan on May 10, 2017.

The action plan is intentionally internally focused, with an emphasis on addressing policy, infrastructure, and culture issues on the University’s Twin Cities campus. This plan is also intended to intersect with other campus-wide and system-wide strategic plans as part of the University’s institutional commitment to reciprocal public engagement.

As part of the initiative, public engagement teams on the University’s Morris and Rochester campuses have developed their own public engagement action plans, aligned with their own campus strategic plans and specific to the needs of their campus and communities. Both Crookston and Duluth campuses have plans to develop similar plans in the near future. Click on the images to download the plans.

U of M Twin Cities Public Engagement Action Plan update 
In May 2018, the Office for Public Engagement compiled a list of accomplishments from 2017-2018  academic year addressing four of the ten priority themes in the Twin Cities Public Engagement Action Plan. Themes include: Scholarly Value of Engagement, Student Experiences and Development; Community Connections; and Accounting and Assessment.