Understanding the "Hidden Subjectivities" of our Academic Disciplines—Tuesday, Jan. 10

3 to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, January 10
227 Burton Hall

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Craig Hassel, University of Minnesota associate professor of food science and nutrition, will lead the next forum of the  Engaged Scholar Critical Community Engagement Roundtable, focusing on the hidden assumptions and subjectivities within academic disciplines. Hassel's work explores issues of food and health with cultural communities holding knowledge that does not correspond with Western science perspectives. This work pivots the culture/science relationship as it repositions scientific inquiry alongside ancient, ancestral and experiential understandings of food and health.
Co-sponsored by the University's Department of American Indian Studies and the Office for Public Engagement, this year's roundtable series focuses on decolonization and community-engaged scholarship, and will address the role universities play in reproducing patterns of colonization, how community engagement can help transform these patterns, and how decolonization can be a lens for academic work
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