Engagement Framework

Engagement framework focuses on how the work we are doing connects to a broader social context, and tries to recognize the spectrum of approaches to community engaged scholarship, in terms of both the methodological approach and the conceptual framework that guides the work. 

 Table.  Skills for Developing an Engagement Framework

Engagement Framework

  • Understand how your own work is connected with broader societal issues
  • Place your work on a methodological continuum, ranging from completely community-led to completely university-led
  • Understand and articulate  the conceptual framework or anchor guiding your work, such as a social justice or equity framework or a public land-grant framework, and articulate how this framework coheres with frameworks others are utilizing


Resources to help develop and articulate our engagement framework include:

  1. Guidance Statement on the Performance of Community Based Research.  http://www.ctsi.umn.edu/sites/default/files/Performance%20of%20Community-Based%20Research.pdf


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