Career Development

Career Development includes skills for articulating our work to professional colleagues and building a career based on CES.

Table.  Skills for Career Development for Community-Engaged Scholars

Career Development

  • Understand historical grounding of CES in higher education
  • Understand history of CES in your discipline
  • Articulate your engaged work, particularly when it is challenged
  • Present work in P & T process
    • Develop teaching and research statements that reflect your engaged work
    • Assess and document the impact of your work
    • Define your CES agenda
  • Engage in self-assessment of your CES
  • Develop creative ways to “get credit” for CES
  • Understand the rigor and standards of CES, regardless of form.


Resources for Career Development Skills include:

1.   Community Engaged Scholarship Tool Kit (Community Campus Partnerships for Health )

2.   Link to database of scholars who will review dossiers of community engaged scholarship:


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